The English Language Center - Corsi di Lingua Inglese

The English Language Centre.

Fiach Ó Dúnlaing, from Dublin, Ireland, opened The English Language Centre in Novara in 1999. After a few years of holding courses in its own premises, in 2004 The English Language Centre introduced its home delivery service. Our working method is based on the notion that the client, whether a company or a private individual, should be able to avail of a "made-to-measure" service, both as regards language courses and our translation and interpreting services. For this reason, we offer English lessons and Italian for foreigners exclusively in their own home or office, organized in the way that the client desires. This type of operation allows us to keep our costs significantly lower than our competitors, as our clientele can confirm. Not having "physical" premises, with their associated expenses, means we can offer great rates. We believe that it is important to be qualified in order to work well. Therefore, we are specialized in teaching only two languages: ENGLISH and ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS. Our method is based on a constant relationship between teacher and student, and envisages speaking the language right from the first lesson. Through the use of authentic situations from everyday life, the teacher explains the grammatical and syntactic structures of the language, also availing of the support of a variety of didactic materials. This gives rise to an extremely flexible creative methodology, which, during the programme, ranges from grammar to listening and conversation exercises, paying particular attention to pronunciation and the assimilation of the many nuances of a living language that is in continuous evolution. Moreover, given that our teaching approach is aimed principally at adults, it takes account of the fact that the students are often obliged to follow the course in time taken out from work or study obligations, or from family time. Thus, every course is unique, flexible and programmed according to the time requirements and learning pace of the student.

We offer

English courses

If you are preparing a university exam, if you want to practice because you have to hold a conference on a particular subject, if you need to acquire language skills to carry out the activities required by your company position, or if you simply want to make the most out of travelling and making new friends, then we can provide what you are looking for! First off, our didactic consultant will plan your customized course during a visit to your home or office at a time that suits you. One-to-one lessons, in pairs, in groups of 3 or 4, intensive or full immersion courses, English for general purposes, business English, preparation for exams: you decide when and where, and we will create your programme.

Courses in Italian for foreigners

When travelling in a foreign country, whether you are working or studying or simply on holidays, you are often faced with habits, customs, gestures and duties that are very different from your life at home. For this reason, our Italian courses for foreigners are more than just language lessons; they are centred on the language, of course, but they also ensure that our students acquire a knowledge and appreciation of the culture and the daily life of this wonderful country. Over the years, we have found that people turn to us not only to learn Italian, they are also trying to comprehend the intricacies of everyday life, to overcome bureaucratic obstacles, or to interpret behaviour and attitudes correctly. The teacher hence becomes an all-round point of reference for the student, and this is precisely what we offer: we want our clients to know they can count on our assistance with any problem in getting to know and appreciate our country, so that they can come to feel at home here, too. Our courses are aimed at individual students or small groups, for all levels, and include specific courses for those who need to learn a specialist language.

Translation and interpreting services

As with our courses, we are specialized in translating and interpreting in two languages: from ITALIAN to ENGLISH and from ENGLISH to ITALIAN. 15 years of experience in the sector and professional native speakers guarantee top quality work, precision and reliable delivery times. Free estimates.

  • Translation of computing, legal, financial, commercial, medical, food and wine, publishing, marketing and communication material, contents of websites, software, audiovisual material, and telecommunications.
  • Sworn translations (before a court) of documents
  • Interpreting for negotiations
  • Revision services